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FEM-ABLE: Promoting women's participation in the political domain

This PROJECT AIM is to research,measure the underlying reasons that perpetuate female low political power scores, provide solutions and an innovative mean for promoting women inpolitics and participation at a National and European level. For the purposes of this project political participation of women is identified as females who hold key positions of political power.

The KEY OBJECTIVE of the project is to createprocesses and solutions that derive from substantial research piece for each partner country as well as provide the innovative tools for the target group to be able to utilise those outputs. The focus of the project is the empowerment of women in key decision-making posi-tions focusing on the political sphere as it is aimed that the increase of female elected participants at a National or European level.

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Research & Mapping of Gender Equality Strategies. The work package critically examines the current state of the art, needs and expectations of target groups. This encompass focus groups and questionnaire research concerning female participation of women in politics. It focuses two dimensional aspects, one of the low participation of female as candidates and the second one of the low voting rates of female candidates at National and European level.


Development of National strategiesand Piloting. On the basis of the
findings in WP2, develop national strategies for policy makers,
political parties and the media that
will alleviate the barriers around low
female political participation/power.


Utilizing the suggested Nationalstrategies to relevant political
affiliated bodies and/or related to women empowerment and equality
bodies. Through the creation of workshops public dialogues
conferences and table discussions with the target groups and stakeholders.


  • Gender equality bodies
  • Female and male voters
  • Political parties
  • Female and Male candidates of local, National or European elections
  • Media
fem able
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