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Life’s Cards: Success Stories

Life’s Cards: Success Stories

The inspiring new personal development game for young people Life’s Cards through personal success stories.

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The Power of Youth Success: Stories and Advice from 8 Young People

Drawing inspiration from 8 young individuals who have achieved success, this article presents their experiences, the factors that helped them excel, and their advice to other young people who aspire to follow a similar path. These stories offer valuable life lessons and remind us that success can come from different routes.
Our participants come from various fields. Among them, you’ll find entrepreneurs who started startups, journalists, software developers, motorsport athletes, occupational therapists, restaurant owners, javelin throwers, volleyball coaches, nutritionists, social media content creators, and fashion designers. Each person has their unique story and journey to success.

The Factors of Success

What makes these young individuals stand out? Each one highlighted different factors that contributed to their success:

  1. Support from Family and Friends: The moral and material support from their
    close environment was crucial.
  2. Persistence and Focus on Goals: Continuous effort and clear targeting were common characteristics of all.
  3. Consistency and Discipline: The participants emphasized the importance of consistency and discipline in their work.
  4. Self-Confidence and Hard Work: Belief in their abilities and dedication to hard work were decisive factors.
  5. Networking and Socializing: Creating a strong network and socializing with other successful people was also important.
  6. Volunteering and Technological Knowledge: Involvement in volunteer activities and knowledge of new technologies gave them an additional advantage.

Tips for Young/New People

These young individuals, with their experience, provide useful advice to those who want to follow in their footsteps:

  • Networking: Build relationships with successful people in your field.
  • Setting Small Goals: Set small and achievable goals to have continuous achievements.
  • Efficiency and Experiences: Focus on efficiency and seek as many experiences as possible.
  • Hard Work: Be prepared for hard work and avoid negative people.
  • Risks and Team Chemistry: Do not be afraid to take risks and create good chemistry with your team.
  • Flexibility and Openness: Be flexible and open to new ideas.
  • Love for the Subject: Engage in something you love.
  • Patience and Persistence: Be patient and persistent, even when things don’t go well.


The stories of these young people teach us that success is not one-dimensional. It is the product of many factors, such as hard work, patience, networking, and dedication to goals. Above all, they remind us that success is not a destination but a continuous journey full of challenges and opportunities.

Educational Game Life’s Cards

These success stories were used as a starting point for creating the educational game Life’s Cards. This game aims to inspire and guide young people by presenting the strategies and experiences that led to the success of 8 accomplished young individuals. Through the game, participants will have the opportunity to discover their strengths and develop the skills they need to achieve their own goals.

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Article writers: Sylia Dospra & Angeliki Leno

Article Editing & Designed by: Sofia Dialiatsi

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