Life's Cards

Do the cards dealt at the beginning of the game determine the outcome of the game?

NO! No to “Duraka”, no to the Life’s Cards  “game of life”!

This is exactly what the new inspirational personal development game for young people “LIFE’S CARDS”, will demonstrate, which will be jointly developed until mid-2024 by 3 organisations: the youth support association “SAVA KABATA”, the lead partner of the project (from Livani), the NGO “Association of Educational Games and Methods” (from Riga, Latvia) and the NGO “Women Do Business” (from Heraklion, Greece). In Livani, close cooperation will also be organised with the Municipality of Livani Children and Youth Centre and MJIC “Kvartāls”.

What will the game be about?; The game will help young people from small towns, remote areas and rural areas to become more courageous, to believe in themselves, to strengthen their self-confidence and self-motivation, to practice determination and decision making by themselves (not by others) in order to achieve the goals of their lives.

The two regions involved in the project – Latgale(Latvia) and Crete (Greece) -share geographical challenges related to the distance from the national capital (even the “sea distance” in the case of Crete), which can create barriers to wider empowerment. However, the project will explore and prove that geographical distance is not “fatal”, that the decisive factor for success is the will of the young person to succeed.

Life's Cards

During the project period – a total of 18 months -various activities will be implemented. First, it will bring together 20 real life stories of young people in small towns and remote areas (Latgale and Crete), identifying and highlighting the factors that helped young people overcome geographical barriers and succeed in life, particularly in the world of entrepreneurship. Later, in collaboration with youth workers, career counsellors, youth workers, career advisors, supporters of the new game “LifeCards” will be developed as a non- formal education tool for young people’s inspiration and personal development.

The process of the game will help the participant to understand that the cards dealt at the beginning are just the state of the moment, which can change with each subsequent step of the game (= life). ΤThe game will be designed to help the young player realize the importance of each card as an opportunity card that can be kept and used or given to someone else. Each step of the game will come with new choices, decisions, learning and communication.

The results of the project – including the collected young people’s life stories and the new game with its instructions for use – will be made publicly available to schools (classroom teachers), business centers, career counsellors, youth workers, youth support organisations. All stakeholders will also be invited to the international inspiration event planned for the summer of 2024 in Livani.

For more information, please contact the project managers

  • Natasa Grigoraki Phone number:6977685640
  • Eri Pavlaki Phone number:6947804864.
Life's Cards
Life's Cards

LIFE’s CARDS project is funded by the European Union. This publication reflects only the views and opinions of the author and not necessarily those of the European Union, the European Commission or the National Agency (Agency for International Youth Programmes), which cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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