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One of the reasons why a woman does not go ahead with her business idea is lack of guidance. In the context of supporting women, we are looking for professionals -women and men- either online from any part of Greece or in person from Crete, who wish to volunteer as Mentors and offer 1-2 hours per month in 1on1 Mentoring. The aim is to promote new entrepreneurs and thus strengthen the market.

The benefits of mentoring are manifold for the Mentor himself/herself, since he/she will gain experience and important leadership skills through the programme, as well as the corresponding communication of his/her contribution through the communication channels of the organisation.

Μαρία Μισύρη

Maria Misiri

Life & Business Coach for women and mothers

Τζίνα Τσαντρίζου

Gina Tsantrizou


Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson

Success & Freedom Business Coach

Γιάννης Βίδρας

John Vidras

Executive at Coca-Cola 3E


Andrea Georgiou

Personal and Professional Development Consultant specializing in Maternity.


Nicholas Uranos PCC

Author, Life & Relationship Coach


Marina Chereti

Economist and Inspirational & Transformational Speaker and Coach.


Viki Petalidou

 Life, Health & Wellness Coachand Creator of  Better Life Lab.

Μαίριλυ Μητροπούλου

Marily Mitropoulou

App Partnerships Manager at Google Customer Solutions in Dublin

Μαρία Γιαμπουλάκη

Maria Giamboulaki

Training & Business Development Director @European Progress

Kωσταπάνος Μηλιαρέσης

Kostapanos Miliaresis

Nudge the Good Unit Director at RW Institute & co-founder at ethelon

Αχιλλέας Γεωργίου

Achilleas Georgiou

Business Coach, Director of the Island of Man Success Coaching Academy

Christina Garidi

Christina Garidi

Purpose & Career Coach and TEDx Speaker


Valentini Kordi

Mindset & High-Performance Executive and Business Coach

Μαίρη Μαρκάκη

Mary Markaki

Senior Business Development Manager at Mindspace NPO

Μελίνα Ταπραντζή

Melina Taprantzi

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of "Wise Greece"


Stelios Christakis

Founder & CEO της Guest Experience Startup,Tourmie

Menadros Pantellidis

Manandros Pantelidis

Vodafone Store Owner


Olympia Koutoulaki

Production and Management Engineer.

Νίκος Μουντάκης

Nikos Mountakis

General Manager of the "Business Park of Chania"


Manolis Stratakis

Innovation Consultant and Personal Development Coach. Founder of Innobatics.


Maria Theodoropoulou

Coordinator of the IslandofMan team and Head of IslandofMan E-learning Programs.


Hiraklis Karantonis

Technology Transfer Advisor at the PRAXI Network of the Foundation for Technology and Research


Dr. Maria Simeonidou-Sideri

Agronomist, Head of European Programmes at the Chamber of Heraklion

Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou

Dr. Valentini Konstantinidou

Lecturer in Nutritional Genetics, Accredited Coach, Author


Ioanna Stanegloudis

Co-founder & Chief Risk Officer της Finclude


Antigoni Kouvidi

"Managing Editor at the research and analysis organization diNEOSIS. Women Act."


Maria Zarotiadou

M.Sc. in Marketing, B.A. in Business Administration

Κοντυλένια Μήλα

Kontilenia Ch. Mila

Certified Adult Educator - College Professor

Lambrini Dossi

Lambrini Dossi Psychologist / Business and Personal Coach/ Syst. Counsellor, Family and Pair Therapist

Μιχάλης Τσαγκαράκης

Michalis Tsagarakis

Marketing and Communications Manager for Chalkiadakis Supermarkets

Dr. Joanna Charlton

Dr. Joanna Charlton

Stress and Emotional Management in Βusiness and Life how EXCITING

Μαρία Φραγκάκη

Maria Fragkaki

Founder @Lemonpie, Digital Marketing Instructor


Dimitra Nika

Designer and Owner of MYA Collection


Niki Smirni

Founder, Travelgems-Mindfulgems.

Χάρης Λαλάτσης

Charis Lalatsis

Founder of the research and analysis company Ierax Analytix

Μάγδα Κατόπη

Magda Katopi

MSc. Economist | Corporate Affairs Business Communications & PR Strategist Business Advisor | Certified Mentor & Job Developer

Δρ Μαρία Γιαννιού

Dr. Maria Gianniou

Empowerment & Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Founder του Lead From Within και συνιδρύτρια στην Women Act.

Ζωή Ντελέκου

Zoi Ntelekou

Chemical Engineer, Senior Marketing Executive; Brussels Mentor at Manatee Mentor, Coach to Aspiring Corporate Females

Νικόλας Σμυρνάκης

Nikolas Smirnakis

Author, Creator of the Philosophy of Man on the Island, Founder of the IslandofMan Academy


Panagiota Giapountzi

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of the Community-Based Social Enterprise "Home Care"

Ειρήνη Γωνιανάκη

Irene Gogianaki

CEO of L'esclusivo Lighting, Co-Founder at FEGGO, Founder of Retreat in Crete


Michail I. Rolakis

Mechanical Engineer - General Manager of Development Company Gergiris S.A.

Σοφία Αβραμίδου sophia avramidou coaching

Sofia Avramidou

Career Transformation Coach, Regular Member of HCCMA, Founding Member of Mentoria, Instructor at LAEK-OAED


Kristallenia Drosou

Founder & CEO of company pandrosia

Ηλιάνα Τζανάκη

Iliana Tzanaki

Director of Growth & Business Development, Coaching & Training

Δημήτρης Γραμμένος

Dimitris Grammenos PHD

Principal Researcher, Institute of Computer Science, ITE



CEO & Founder | Fira Soda GmbH The Feierabend Company

Iro Charokopou

Iro Charokopou

Marketing Communications Consultant

Ολγα Κουμπαράκη

Olga Koumparaki

Relationship Coach και Breakup Expert.

Spiros Zylis

Spiros Zilis

Business coaching CEO Founder της Wethrive

Ελένη Ματράκη

Eleni Matraki

Legal Professional and Accredited Life, Wellness & Business Coach

aristea ksilouri

Aristea Ksilouri

Economist - Cost Controller at Med Hotels Greece, Member of the Assembly of Representatives of the Economic Chamber of Greece

Φρόσω Δημητρακοπούλου

Froso Dimitrakopoulou

Sustainable Tourism Advisor, Co-Founder of Ecoclub, Vice President of the Greek Ecotourism Society

Γεωργία Αγγελιδάκη

Georgia Aggelidaki

Mediator at the Ministry of Justice and Lawyer. She is the COO at the Greek branch of the European Legal Training Center. Co-Founder of 'MEDIAcTION'


Despina Limniotaki

Psychologist, Co-Founder, and President of the Governing Committee of the Social Cooperative Enterprise 'The Healing Tree'

Γρηγόρης Κ. Κοκολάκης

Gregory K. Kokolakis

Accountant - Tax Consultant, Financial Advisor for Businesses

Ioannis Chatzimpeis

John Chatzibeis

Marketing & Fundraising professional, Paralympian, Ironman, Mentor, Motivational Speaker

Katherine Reilly

Katherine Reilly

Author & Academic Lecturer, English Literature | LGBTQIA+ Business Consultant | Public and Motivational Speaker

isidora karadimitriou

Isidora Karadimitriou

Founder & Managing Director | Trainer & International Keynote Speaker


Michalis Solanakis

Insurance & Investment Unit Manager

Μάγκυ Κοντού

Magy Kontou

Co-Founder & Lead Product and UI/UX Designer at SimpleApps

Πολύμνια Πατεράκη

Polimnia Pateraki

Personal Development & Executive Coach


Katerina Andreou

Online business & social media consultant, Certified adult educator

andreas stefanidis

Andreas Stefanidis

Founder of the Greek Center for Management Accounting, President of the Academy of Entrepreneurship, and Business Director of


Δημήτρης Φλαμπούρης

Dimitris Flamouris PhD

Mental Health Consultant, Author, Speaker


Dimitris Bourantas

Professor of Management & Human Resources

christina doukouzgiani

Christina Doukouzgiani

YouTube Expert & Founder of Make Video Greece

Πάνος Αντωνόπουλος

Panos Antonopoulos

Co-Founder of InterMediakt & ICT Consultant

dionysis bougas

Dionysis Bougas

Psychologist-Trainer, Founder of "Metamorphosis"

Μαρία Παπαμιχαήλ

Maria Papamichail

Communication and Strategic Planning Manager

argyro katheri

Argyro Katheri

Human Resources & Marketing Manager

Αρθουρ Αντωνόπουλος

Arthur Antonopoulos


Χριστίνα Τριποδιανάκη

Christina Tripodianaki

Digital Marketing Consultant, Public Relations Specialist, Speaker

pantelis papanastasiou

Pantelis Papanastasiou

PhD candidate of the University of the Aegean & Business Consultant

Έφη Ψαράκη

Efi Psaraki

Digital Marketer & Personal Branding Strategist - Founder of Effiecient Marketing & Branding.

Anna Gustafsson

Anna Gustafsson

Finnish journalist and writer M.Sc. in Communication, MA in Greek and Mediterranean Archaeology

Άγγελος Φίσκιλης

Aggelos Fiskilis

President of ( (

liana reraki

Liana Reraki

Colour Analyst & Image Consultant

Λίλιαν Τσιαβού

Lilian Tsiavou

Theorist of the Psychoanalytic Approach to Literature and Film & Cinema Coach

Γρηγόρης Παπαπέτρου

Grigoris Papapetrou

MBA in Business Administration, Professor of Economics and Tourism, Consultant in Positive Psychology and Mentor in Social Economy.

Legal and Accounting Advisors

Δημήτρης Θεοδοσούλης

Dimitris Theodosoulis

Accountant - Tax Consultant


Nikolas Farsaris

Lawyer at the Court of First Instance of Heraklion

Ευαγγελία Φαρμάκη

Evaggelia Farmaki

Lawyer, Business and Family Law, Contract Expert


Polina Aggeli

Business Consultant - Subsidy Programmes


Matoula Kampari

Accountant - Tax Consultant

the team accounting

Konsolaki Popi

Accounting Office

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