Through Our Eyes

In the section “Through our eyes”, we demonstrate the world through the prism of our personal beliefs and opinions. Here you will find articles written with passion and authenticity, offering a unique insight into various aspects of life,culture, and society. Come and explore with us this journey to the world through our eyes

I am soft, I am strong, I Am a Vulva

I am soft, I am strong, I Am a Vulva

Photo By Mariza Kapsabeli In a world where femininity is either marginalized or sexualized, exhibitions, films and stimuli that speak …
Success Stories Life's Cards

Life’s Cards: Success Stories

The inspiring new personal development game for young people Life’s Cards through personal success stories. The Power of Youth Success: …
7 εκθέσεις για τη γυναικεία συνεισφορά στην τέχνη

8 exhibitions on women’s contribution to art

8 exhibitions on women’s contribution to art demonstrate the invaluable contribution of women to culture. Over the years, women have …
Η Γιορτή της Μητέρας The Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special time to honor the women who brought us into the world. It is an opportunity …
Σεξουαλική Παρενόχληση

Σεξουαλική Παρενόχληση

Απρίλιος: Μήνας ευαισθητοποίησης για τη Σεξουαλική Παρενόχληση. Ο Απρίλιος του 2024 σηματοδοτεί την επίσημη 23η επέτειο του Μήνα Eυαισθητοποίησης για …
sexual assault

Sexual Harassment

April: Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. April 2024 marks the official 23rd anniversary of Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. Since the 1940s …
WOW Festival

WOW Festival

What is the WOW Festival? WOW Festival is the world’s largest event for women, feminine and non-binary people. It was …
Η ταινία της Barbie στα όσκαρ The Barbie movie at the Oscars

The Barbie movie at the Oscars

Amid the glitz and glamour of Oscar season, discussions about last year’s films are being played out everywhere. Certainly with …

Poor Things and the 5 messages that should raise concern.

George Lanthimos’ Poor Things is captivating cinemas worldwide. The images, the elaborate narrative, the aesthetics and, undoubtedly, Emma Stone’s performance …
6 alternative gifts for International Women's Day

6 Alternative Gifts for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March to commemorate the struggles of the women’s rights movement. For …

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