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Two women joined forces to promote the dynamic side of women in the business world, through inspiration and support.

Έρη Παυλάκη

Eri Pavlaki

Co-Founder Women Do Business, CEO Star Sleep, MScs International Law & Diplomacy

Νατάσα Γρηγοράκη

Natasa Grigoraki

Owner and Sales Manager at the GERMANOS store.


Our purpose is to promote female entrepreneurship, the inspiration, mobilization and support of women who want to implement their idea into business. To change restrictive beliefs and stereotypes about women, in order to “highlight” and promote them into the business world.


A world with women who are not afraid to steop in, talk and attempt, against restrictive beliefs, who are aware of the support to implement their dreams.

We stand by every woman who wishes to discover the power that lies within her and become the woman she dreams of!


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We’re open to new partnerships all the time. We believe that only with synergies can we move forward.



We like personal relationships and contact, to carry out actions with time and immediacy.



Our Motto “truth always puts you ahead” will tell you what we feel or happen.



We care about others for what they feel or want and are always there to support them.



We αre open to new contacts, partnerships, and relationships with people that share the same vision.



We are doers, just realizing what we have in mind without a second thought.

What they say about us!

Despina P.

I admire Natasa and Eri for their morals, dignity but mostly their humanity. I consider myself lucky to stample on their path and I'm glad to be a part of WDB's supporters. I wish every "I" to become multiple "us".

Margianna Τ

The moment I stepped on this island, you were the first ones who believed in me and game me a chance to move forward. I am so glad to see what you created grow.

Elena G.

Officially it is a Non Profit Organization. For me it is a company, a group of women. They didn't stop for one day to organize events, even online, and this helped me get the courage to say "I will make it". I share with them anything that troubles me and they find or help me find the way to the solution.

Eva V.

ΤFor someone to be a member of the Women Do Business team, gives them a chance to meet new people and come in touch with new professional areas. This is an inspiration!

Vicky Α.

I applied an application on Women Do Business for a workshop, and I met there other women with their own unique ideas who were searching what I was searching for: connection, positive interaction and professional approach. Women Do Business encourages women and promotes actively women entrepreneurship.

Alexandra P.

I liked the idea of WDB, I found it pioneer and wanted to be a part of it. Initially I didn't believe it was in a woman's blood to be an entrepreneur, but through this organization, I changed my mind. I thank them to be a part of this team and I want to keep involving with them.

Panagiotis Ν.

Entrepreneurship doesn't have a gender, it exists for men as it exists for women. I help as much as I can - through this organization - to transform this right into action.

Katerina Τ.

I am very grateful to have by my side Natasa and Eri, they are inspirational examples. I've learnt a lot through this team, how close we are and how much we're willing to help, inspire and pass on a message.

Anastasia K.

My funding application on MEO for new enterprises has been approved! I start something that is mine and I share my joy with you! Thank you for existing!

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