Women Elevation


Women Elevation is a program aimed at establishing a women’s entrepreneurship academy with a particular emphasis on green innovation. This program is implemented by our organization, Women Do Business, in collaboration with the Norwegian organization WIN (Women Investor Network). WIN empowers women to strengthen their economic position and their participation in innovation. At the same time, it trains them in investment tools,
gives them access to investment opportunities and creates a network in which women are given the opportunity to collaborate, network and invest!

The program targets 35 women from rural areas who either wish to start their own businesses or already have one and want to enhance it. The goal of the program is for women to develop their business skills, enrich their soft skills, enhance their leadershipabilities, and improve  their flexibility. Participants will learn how to make their businesses more sustainable and how to embrace green innovation and social entrepreneurship.

The program is going to begin with a mapping survey to identify the knowledge women in rural areas have regarding green entrepreneurship and innovation, and their willingness to incorporate green practices into their businesses.

Next, there will be training for our network’s presenters/trainers by representatives from WIN in Athens.

Through presentations and workshops, they will enhance their knowledge in:

  • Basic entrepreneurship principles and tools for business development,
  • Leadership skills and negotiation skills in the business sector,
  • Strategic principles,
  • Digital tools and social media,
  • Marketing,
  • Fundraising and financing tools,
  • Pitching for women-led companies and examination of real cases,
  • Social entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • Familiarity with green entrepreneurship.

Following that, the Women Elevation Academy will start. Once a week, through an online platform, our presenters will meet with the participants. The curriculum will cover the topics mentioned earlier, with a focus on green innovation. During the academy, three participants will be selected to accompany members of the Women Do Business team to Norway. They will meet with the WIN organization to spend an educational two-day period, engaging with
Norwegian businesses in the field of green innovation.

This wonderful program will conclude with a celebratory event in Crete, where all program participants and our collaborators from Norway will attend. The purpose is for participants to meet and network with the Norwegian business network, receive entrepreneurial advice, and gain financial tools to utilize in their businesses.

This program is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) under the Business Innovation Greece program.

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