Women Do Business answers to the problem of business inequality and stereotypes about women and business.
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Who we are

“Women Do Business” is a Greek NPO (Non Profit Organisation) which promotes female entrepreneurship and is against stereotypes. Its goal is to inspire, but also to empower women in the field of business.

At the same time we organise events for women’s entrepreneurship, giving the opportunity to women who have succeeded and are active in the business world to share their story in a simple and direct way.

Our Cause

We deeply believe in the spark inside our minds that can give hope, in the power that can hide in an idea or in a dream, in determination and personal responsibility, in the impact brought by everyone’s personal story. This are the reasons why we want to spread stories which represent these ideas and to apply them in our lives, to be heard and give power and motivation to those who have the same values.  Let’s come closer, because in that way we feel we won’t be alone. Creating bonds is the only way to become more powerful.

Pillars of Action

Which are the pillars of our actions?

Inspirationl & Motivation Events

We organize events that highlight the stories of women entrepreneurs


Online or face-to-face training through workshops and seminars


We bring close people, actions and initiatives

Mentoring / Coaching

We actively support the implementation of an idea through the Incubator of Women Do Business.

Women Do Business in numbers



To reduce business inequality and to contribute to the promotion of gender equality and the change of culture around women who are active in business.

Female Entrepreneurship in Crete

Data source: ICAP “Leading Women in Business” (2019)

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17 Goals of Sustainable Development

“Sustainable Development Goals are the path that leads us to a fairer, more peaceful and prosperous world, and to a healthier planet.” Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General

We harmonize our actions with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, promoting, in particular, Gender No. 5 for Gender Equality and Goal No. 17 for Cooperation for the Goals.

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Two women brought together by life and connected with the same mission represent “Women Do Business”. Get to know them and feel free to contact them!

Έρη Παυλάκη Women Do Business

Eri Pavlaki

Marketing & Sales, Founder of the Volunteer team: “I’m still a child”, MScs International Law & Diplomacy
Νατάσα Γρηγοράκη Women Do Business

Natasa Grigoraki

Sales Manager & Owner at Germanos

Your contribution counts

Do you want to contribute with some sponsorship to our initiative? Are you a mentor or business coach and do you want us to get in touch?

Contact us at info@womendobusiness.com or fill out the form below.

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Women Do Business is a vibrant organization. It is evolving, growing and always looking for those who are looking for it. We are open, therefore, to meet you and tell us how you imagine yourself in our team!

Join our community

We have created an online community, through which we get to know each other, we grow, we learn, we talk, we listen to stories and discover new goals.

Become member of our facebook group and never miss a chance to participate in our facebook live events.

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