Event No.1

On 15 May of 2019 our vision became reality! A forum, an event if you might, that promotes female entrepreneurship.
We had already visioned it long before audience filled up the room, speakers with microphones, fancy glasses and music… and this is how over 120 people honored us with their presence but mostly with their smiles and positive attitude filled the space of Black Book Moderators in Heraklion of Crete. The contemplation was to provide the initial step to four (4) businesswomen who started from ground zero, dared, failed, got against their friends and families, until succeded to implement their idea!

This is what these 4 amazing speakers did:

Evelyn Bakinta from Chic Greek Gifts who creates original gifts with a touch of Greece, that even got to the hands of Prince Carol.
Aggeliki Genitsaridou from Kurelu who weaves unique creations on a loom that she found forgotten in her basement, reliving this type of art.
Aliki Diallina from Vasilakata who gave a new air to her village by renovating old abandoned houses into beautiful hostels.
And Kalli Kokkinaki from Kaly’s Wedding who with occasion her own marriage she discovered something that make her complete and studied it, by decorating brides with love and elegance.

All of them moved, inspired and showed us what is possible and motivated us to implement our own dreams. At the same time, coffees from Hacienda and delicacies from lots of people and businesses who believed in our cause filled the tables and γέμιζαν τα τραπέζια αλλά και τα stomachs of our guest!

At the end, with the companion of beer Notos from Crete, we exchanged thoughts, beliefs, dreams and wishes. We wanted to get to know and come closer to each other, to create new collaborations and we made it happen! Grateful for every single one of the guests! All of them who provided us with support to make the voice of a woman stand up, and be loud and clear ! To step in without fear but only will to do what makes her complete and happy, by giving joy to the people around her.



Founder @Chic Greek Gifts



Founder @Kurelu



Founder @Vasilikata



Founder @Kaly’s Wedding Atelier

Event No.2

The success of this 1st event handed over the baton to the 2nd event, which took place on 11/12/2019 on a beautiful christmassy atmosphere, with the sponsorship from “4 seasons”, an amazing well known place of black book in Heraklion of Crete.

Four new speakers who are activated to different sections, each one of them in the business world caught our attention, moved us, surprised us and also inspired the audience.

Our first speaker, owner of “fingertips ” Efi Sifaki, who turns your nails into something beautiful, made a lot of women tear up by showing that being persistent for something you love, even with a million failures, you’ll succeed!

Our second speaker Gianna Karagiorgou, owner of ” Profile Photography” was born to photograph and give unique memories to the most beautiful times of our lives. Her passion for her camera is the story of her success!

The 3rd speaker of the event, Olga Koumparaki owner of “hoppy feet”, with her brilliant choices of children’s shoes, shared with passion that everything is possible if you take the risk! Your faith into yourself is what makes you stand up from the crowd!

Finally, the 4th speaker Ellie Titaki, founder of “Ε lliama ” with her pure Cretan oil, drew the attention of the audience from the beginning of her story, by showing that the love for your family, the goods of your homeland can highlight your dream in other aspects, by at the same time helping with the health of other people!

For our big surprise and joy, all the seats were taken and even if there were people standing in the room that had over 130 people, a magical silence prevailed! The experience of organizing this 1st event, the perfect cooperation and division of responsibilities between us and the passion for our vision, marked our 2nd event as a success. The instant response of our sponsor in our town, who we thank, gave a position aura to the room, honest smiles and interesting topic to talk about.

Hairdressers “Nektarios Saitis” always by the side of the female gender, beauty salon “Element”, “Kally atelier”, graphic arts “Poliporto” and “Itanos concept” were some of the businesses who contributed to all of the above.

Everyone was willing after the speaches to get to know each other, communicate, make acquaintances for advice and -why not- cooperations. With pleasant music from “Mousiko diazoma”, 1 glass of wine from the winery “Tatakis” and delicious goods from “Epiousio” and pizza from “Envy”, the night was delightful.

Miss Pitsikaki president of Women Entrepreneurs Development Association of Crete, rewarded the event, and suggested to make collaborations because of this event for some projects that will take place. By that, our volunteers were increased, our actions were doubled and our vision touched more women who dared to take initiative with faith for their dream!

Anchors aweigh and ready for our next event!



Founder @Eliama Daily Value



Owner @Fingertips



Owner @Profile Photography



Owner @Hoppy Feet

Event No.3


On Wednesday 5 of Augoust from 19:00 until 22:00 on the beautiful Equestrian Club Heraklion, in Kartero, took place a summer event of “Women Do Βusiness“.

A voluntary initiative with its goal to bring us closer to the business world in a simple and direct way. The stories of four businesswomen filled with emotion, who started from scratch and today enjoy the results of their efforts, share their knowledge, experiences, failures and successes, aiming to motivate and encourage similar initiatives!

At the end of the event, we socialize to get to know each other better, with delicious fingerfood & delightfull cocktails from the bartender Alex Gialitakis and music from DJ Kosta Aggelaki, a special offer from our sponsor to everyone who attendes this evening.

After the previous events that enhanced us so dearly, proving that the power of a woman is inexhaustible, that the flame of entrepreneurship is strong, we are getting ready for our next event with even more passion and excitement!

Our big ambition is the need after the lockdown is to inspire and be inspired, show a new perspective, support every woman with a dream and a need for a small push to make their first step and spend the night with joy!

By our side, our amazing:
– Eleni Garifalaki founder of the pioneering school for children and adults “Kalos Agwgos”, shows us a different and joyful way of teaching!

-Emmanouela Chatzaki owner of foreign language tutoring “Chinese for you” carries us to the asian culture, by creating a business when there was no other in Crete.

– Maria Vasiliou owner of the gymnasium and cross fit center “Flow 858”, with a story that shows the pwoer of will but also of search for what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be!

– Elena Gkeka, owner of “Elena G”, with a precious perennial experience in the clothing area, depicts the value to recognize a chance, know when to leave something behind, but also when to continue to try.

Free entrance with an application form!

Drinks & snacks are offered for free.

For safety reasons on hygiene and rules that must be followed, reservation is required. Make your reservation here:

Event Organization :
Women Do Business (Coordination: Natasa Grigoraki, Eri Pavlaki)



Owner @Kalos Agogos - Multiple Intelligence Area



Οwner @foreign language tutoring "Chinese for you"



Owner @Gymnasium and CrossFit Center "Flow 858"



Past Owner @Elena G

Event No.4


Upon entering the space, everyone received a beautiful gift bracelet, made by madamsousou.gr, with the message “every woman who wants it can and deserves to have her own business”. At the same time, they were welcomed by smiling faces of the Women Do Business team wearing T-shirts specially designed by the ecological brand Barbara.gr. The event was opened by the well-known radio producer, from “Love Radio“, Haris Garefalakis, who accepted the invitation from the first moment, declaring his support for the female force.

While, the Economist & cost controller Aristea Xylouris, who accepted the role as a mentor in the event with enthusiasm, gave detailed, advice, lessons and another look at the stories that were heard. 

Moments of emotion followed with the volunteer team of the Organization on stage, who came only for the event from Athens, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Laconia, Grevena, thanks to the “wings” given to them by Skyexpress, and because of the love and faith to them, everything went extremely well.

In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to win beautiful gifts of great value from the Aesthetic Center Irini Svyrinaki, from the designer Elli Lyraraki, the traditional Vasilikata Hostels in Lassithi, the rentals of Mevis Tours, from the insurance office Markantonis the Zacharopoulos Jewelry.

The speeches of the four women entrepreneurs with their own story were unique, inspiring the audience and motivating them to participate actively, but also to receive valuable messages about risk, risks, opportunities, courage and the way of thinking in business.

The ladies who spoke at the event:

  1. Velentaki Sofia, Owner of the delicatessen “Lachanokipos”
  2. Garaki Maria, Owner-Taxi Driver, Driving Instructor, Insurance Collector, President of the ESTIA Women’s Association
  3. Giapoutzi Giota, Owner and Director of SocSEP “Home Care”
  4. Pediaditi Irini, Founder of Andrologist Center Crete, Director of creta interClinic Urology Clinic & Founder of MediAtt polyclinic

As well as to enjoy cool drinks & finger food, offered by Five Star Catering and the amazing Costas Venetis who provided for everything and was the man who supported the Organization from the first moment. Special thanks to the speakers and the sponsors, as with their support in the vision of the Organization, the inspiring event took place.

Also, a big thank you to all the attendees who were with us and gave “color” to the event with their smiles. But also to those who watched us through Livestreaming on the official page of Women Do Business on Facebook or on the channel on You Tube, thanks to the kind contribution of Livestream.gr.

The love and support of the world gives strength to Women Do Business to continue to support more and more women in order to make their dream come true! Thanks to people with A capital who are always by our side such as: HK KIA motors, Iraklion Hotel, Kastro Hotel, Hugs cafe, Costis Pastry, Polytropo – Ekivolos Prints, Germanos (L. Knossou), Input-Output, Tempelis (tavern) ) & Lemonpie (digital marketing agency).

The journey continues…

Βελεντάκη Σοφία


Owner of "Lachanokipos"

Γαράκη Μαρία1


Owner-Taxi Driver, Driving Instructor, Insurance Collector, President of the ESTIA Women's Association

Παναγιώτα Γιαπουτζή


Owner and Director of SocSEP "Home Care"

Πεδιαδίτη Ειρήνη


Surgeon - Andrologist, Urologist, Clinic Owner

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