In the context of our 1st Competition of Business in Crete, we are searching for business(wo)men either online from any

city in Greece either in person in Crete, who wish to contribute voluntarily as Mentors and provide 1-2 hours/month

in a women startup. The goal is the promotion of new business people and furthermore enhancement of the market.

The benefits of this guided guidance vary for the Mentor her/himself, since they will gain experience and important leadership skills

through this program.

Get to know our mentors

Maria Misyri

Maria Misyri

Life & Business Coach for Women and Mothers

She grew up and studied Marketing in Athens. She occupied herself with teaching English and  administration of foreign language educational unit in which she worked for about 12 years. Her experience though with children and her additional studies on special treatment and developmental psychology brough her closer to the world of life coaching and nlp which she stills studies with unlimited excitement and energy. What motivates her is the will to transmit the message that all women -in any phase of their lives- can create their own reality that they want to live in peace, inner peace and “appetite” for creation and continuous learning. She believes that the women who want to invest in themselves and to their Personal Growth will be the foundation, that the next generations will grow free-er, more authentic and optimistic and with a creational excitement for life and experiences. For this purpose, on March 2019 she build her own online business Life & Business Coaching for Women and Mothers with programms adjusted on their needs, worries but also dreams.

Αμαλία Αγάθου

Amalia Agathou

Entrepreneur and Innovation Consultant

Amalia Agathou has more than 10 years of experience in the European startup ecosystem and the creative industries as an entrepreneur and innovation consultant.

 A firm believer in innovation fuelled by cross-border and and cross-industry collaboration, Amalia has designed and worked on numerous international projects that merge various industries with the world of startups like EDF Energy Awards, Global Fashion Battle and CFE’s Fashiontech accelerator. 

Agathou is an active mentor and advisor at several entrepreneurial communities and accelerator programs like Blooming Founders, NEF and Techstars.

Νικόλας Σμυρνάκης

Nikolas Smirnakis

Author, Creator of the Philosophy of Man on the Island, Founder of the Coaching Academy, IslandofMan

Nikolas Smyrnakis is a writer, creator of the Islandof Man Success Philosophy, founder of the Islandof Man Success Coaching Academy. He studied at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) and holds an MBA (International MBA – ASOEE) title. For a number of years he taught the course “Strategy and Innovation” in a private college.

His works circulate freely on the internet. He has excelled in literary competitions and has received two e-awards. He has been a speaker at TEDx and with his seminars in Greece and abroad he has taught the principles of success to thousands of people. He is trusted by large private and public organizations.

His books Success was hidden on my nightstand and To be happy to succeed or to succeed to be happy? (DIOPTRA publications) were nominated for the readers’ awards in 2017 and 2019 respectively and quickly became the best sellers of their category. His latest work is entitled Write Your Own History.

His vision is to help people around the world find their purpose and through tried and tested strategies lead to universal change and growth in all aspects of their lives.

Αχιλλέας Γεωργίου

Achilleas Georgiou

Business Coach,Manager of Island of Man Success Coaching Academy

Achilleas Georgiou graduated in 2007 from the Military School of Guards (SSE) of Greece, with the rank of Lieutenant and served until 2013 with the rank of Lieutenant in Cyprus. 

In May 2017 he graduated with honors from IslandofMan Success Coaching Academy. Even before graduation, he was offered a collaboration by the IslandofMan Success Philosophy team and its creator Nikola Smyrnaki. 

He is the manager of IslandofMan Success Coaching Academy. Through training, it helps people make their dream come true and become coaches. 

In September 2019, he was selected by the General Secretariat for Anti-Crime Policy for 24 hours of coaching training for prisoners at the agricultural detention center of Agia Chania.

Μαρία Θεοδωροπούλου

Maria Theodoropoulou

She was born in Athens and grew up in a wonderful family! From a young age she was dreamy and believed in the impossible.

Her motto is: Your life will be transformed when you stop giving so much value to the verb “I am” and start investing in the verb “I become”.

Her first studies were in Economics and she worked in various fields until she discovered the purpose of her life: to help as many people as possible to get in touch with the unlimited possibilities and mental resources within them and to follow their own path for a life full of love, joy, progress and fullness!

She graduated with honors from the IslandofMan Success Philosophy Academy. Today she is the coordinator of the Island Man team and Head of IslandofMan E-learning Programs.


Μάγδα Κατόπη

Magda Katopi

MSc. Economist | Corporate Affairs Business Communications & PR Strategist Business Advisor | Certified Mentor & Job Developer

I am a Corporate Affairs and Business Communications expert that excels in helping people develop their business, organizations, and strategic market positioning of their company through consultancy and visionary team leadership in multicultural work environments. I offer over two decades of international experience in driving change through the development and planning of effective marketing & communication strategies for multinational entities, government / non-governmental organizations, NGOs, and multi-ethnic groups in diverse private and public sectors.
I have handled critical business setups and have targeted marketing & communication plans to investors, sponsors, the marketplace, employees, stakeholders, and other special groups in Greece, Russia, Europe, Switzerland and China. During my most recent tenure in Greece I help entrepreneurs & professionals, realize their potentials & accelerate results. I planned, directed and executed business development strategies for Agrofood and Tourism/Aviation/Hospitality enterprises; mapping PR activities and event locations, and collaborating with Municipalities, local Agencies and program beneficiaries to communicate entrepreneurship opportunities.

I am also involved in coordinating special events as a co-organizer/curator and moderator to promote social and marketplace awareness at a global scale for local business through Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.

I encourage diversity in the workplace and ethical behavior and as a H2H marketer, economist and political scientist I combine extensive knowledge of social responsibility with an unparalleled understanding of advancing sustainable development through human rights. My passion for these areas stems from my active community involvement in Greece where I am participating as an empowerment coach/motivator and business mentor to Young & Female Entrepreneurs and socially vulnerable workgroups and migrants

Maria Zariotadou

M.Sc. in Marketing, B.A. in Business Administration

Maria Zarotiadou is a Political Strategy Analyst, Certified Business Coach, Gender Equality specialist, Women’s Entrepreneurship Facilitator and Strategic Marketing Specialist with a Bachelor from the University of Staffordshire (BA in Business Administration) in Business Administration, and a Master’s from the University of Stirling (MSc in Marketing ) in Marketing.

She is trained in Women Social Entrepreneurship and holds the WISE4Women certification of the respective training program of the European Union. She has served as a mentor to young entrepreneurs in the ERASMUS for Young Entrepreneurs program, in the Mentoring program of Women Act but also in the Job Pairs in Athens. Her seminars and workshops are presented through the actions of Skywalker and the “Job Search Paths” of the above organization.

She writes articles for Plan of Business ( ) and Epixeiro ( )

Άννα Γουίλσον

Anna Wilson

Success & Freedom Business Coach

Anna Wilson is a Greek from Athens. In 2014 she was divorced with a child. In the midst of the difficulties of the financial crisis she decided to emigrate to England for the better future of herself and her son.

In 2015, working part time in a cafe, she had now managed to study and become a wedding planner, creating her own online wedding organization GREEK DREAM PLANNERS for foreign couples from all over the world to have their wedding in Greece. After the success of the first business with recognition now in International Wedding Magazines such as BRIDES MAGAZINE, DESTINATION WEDDING & HONEYMOON MAGAZINE, PERFECT WEDDING MAGAZINE as well as Wedding Blogs of England and Australia, he decided to study Life Coaching through Anthony Robbins online school, as a result to get another degree in NLP Life Coaching with specialization and emphasis on Online Business Coaching creating her second business in April 2019 Anna Wilson Coaching now having as her mission and following her passion to help as many dynamic, determined, Greek entrepreneurs in Greece to succeed with their online business and improve their lives by gaining more balance and time between work and family.

Νίκος Μουντάκης

Nikos Mountakis

General Manager of the "Chania Business Park"

Nikos Mountakis is a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Law, Economics, Political Science, Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

He has extensive experience in matters of Management, Human Resources, Adult Education, etc. In terms of his latest professional experiences, he has been involved in communication and public, in parallel with his employment as a business development executive, business training consultant and responsible for planning, promotion and implementation of programs in subsidiary banks (Agricultural, Piraeus, Chania), as well as in matters of business reorganization and restructuring.

Currently General Manager of the “Chania Business Park”.

Mαρία Νταγλέρη

Maria Ntagleri

Creator of Dagleris Coaching&Training

Maria Dagleri is the creator of Dagleris Coaching & Training. She is active as a Consultant for small and medium enterprises in matters of organization, marketing, sales, recruitment, evaluation and staff training.

During the recruitment we use personality tests (indicatively PPS and DISC) as well as an online evaluation game, which based on the candidate’s answers analyzes their skills -soft skills (such as teamwork, integrity, resilience, etc.). Thus, the selection of candidates becomes effective, with minimal deviations. For employees, we implement in collaboration with the management of the companies various performance appraisal systems, based on their needs and goals, such as a 360 degree system.

She is a member of the Hellenic Business Consultants Association and the European Business Association in Great Britain and a guest speaker at Near East University in Nicosia, for a series of seminars in hotel marketing.


Marily Mitropoulou

App Partnerships Manager at Google Customer Solutions in Dublin

Marilyn Mitropoulou is a Marketing Consultant and has been working at Google Headquarters in Dublin for Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the past 6.5 years.

She studied Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) and then completed her MBA in Dubai at EAHM (in academic association with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland).

She advises companies on issues of marketing, strategy, customer service, interview / hiring, design & user experience (specializing in apps). At the same time, she supports young people by guiding them in creating a CV and preparing for interviews.

She is a facilitator and ambassador for Google’s #IamRemarkable workshop. Encourages women and raises awareness about diversity & inclusion. She loves meditation and pilates, incorporates them into her daily routine and travels the world to learn more about them.

nasia filippidi

Nasia Filippidi

Entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist in the fashion and hospitality industry

Nasia was born in Aghios Nikolaos in Crete. She is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist in the fashion and hospitality industry. She holds a BSc in Marketing & Communication from Athens University of Economics & Business and an MSc in International Luxury Marketing from Oxford Brookes University. She has lived and worked in multinational organisations as well as startups in London, Milan and Athens.

After years of working in the corporate sector, she decided to follow her passion about fashion, which was influenced by the women clothing shop that her mother used to run for 28 years. So she created her own ethical and sustainable fashion brand called “Musa Collection” which is a premium apparel and accessories collection designed by Nasia and made in Greece by local artisans by using sustainable materials only.

Nasia is also the Founder of FAS.MA (Fashion.Manifesto) magazine which is the First Sustainable Fashion Magazine in Greece, marching for a more sustainable future. The inspiration behind was the covid-19 quarantine that highlighted the need to re-order our priorities and discover further who we are at core.

She loves supporting people and businesses that believe and have passion about what they do. Her motto is: “If you wanna see the change, Be the change.”

Kωσταπάνος Μηλιαρέσης

Kostapanos Miliaresis

MBA Candidate at Fordham University, Gabelli School of Business, Co-Founder @

Kostapanos Miliaresis is characterized by his passion for innovative ideas, social impact and entrepreneurship. He is enthusiastic and versatile and enjoys traveling the world with a backpack. He is a co-founder of ethelon, an organization that aims to promote the value of volunteering in Greek society, and to create the appropriate framework for cooperation between volunteers, NGOs and companies, aiming at a more equal and active society.

Through his work, he has collaborated with leading companies in the world, while he has received international awards from the Ashoka Foundation as a Global Changemaker, has been included in the list of Forbes 30 Under 30, in the category Social Entrepreneur, while he is also one of his Greek fellows US Department of State. It is now in New York looking for ways to leverage emerging technologies for the social good, while continuing to strengthen corporate social responsibility so that companies and employees can contribute back to society.

Christina Garidi

Christina Garidi

Purpose & Career Coach and TEDx Speaker

Christina Garidi, a Purpose & Career Coach and TEDx Speaker will be leading this workshop. Christina founded Eudaimonia Coaching UK, with a sole purpose to democratise human flourishing. She helps people find their professional purpose and empowers them to realise their full potential, through 1-2-1 coaching or in a group context. She also specialises in creating bespoke career development workshops, for corporate employees, that have a lasting impact. She has spoken in front of 600+ audiences and she has run weeklong intensive entrepreneurship courses in partnership with the American College ALBA Postgraduate Business school. She recently started her second line of 4 (more) business in Property Investment and she enjoys setting up beautiful systems and improving businesses. Christina brings 10 years of business consulting experience in IT, customer services, change management and strategy. She has studied Environmental Sciences at Southampton University and has an MSc in Business Management from Strathclyde Business School. In her spare time, she is writing her book, as part of her mission to help people find their purpose, due to be published next year.


Mary Markaki

Senior Business Development Manager at Mindspace NPO

Mary Markaki leads the Mindspace organization, being responsible for the design and implementing business programs for students, empowering them to develop a business idea from scratch and create student networks with additional skills and knowledge. Her goal is to cultivate business mentality to students, their mobilization and active participation in social, political and financial life, as well as personal and their professional development in the context of volunteering and entrepreneurship.

Before joining Mindspace, Mary has been a member of the department for three years business development in one of the most successful Greek technological businesses, Workable. In addition, she worked abroad in a consulting firm company as Project Manager, undertaking programs for startups in Berlin, being familiar with the business ecosystem there. After graduating from Department of Dietetics and Nutrition of Harokopio University, she received a full EU-funded scholarship to launch its idea “NutriCons”, a nutritional application that educates consumers on nutrition labels, thus combining her academic background with her circumstances the upcoming “Digital Age”. She is also a Senior Fellow at Humanity In Action NPO and marathon athlete.

Κατερίνα Μπίτζιου, ACC

Katerinia Bitziou, ACC

Associate Coach, Certified Personal & Executive Coach, Communication & Relationship Expert, CRM Consultant


After many years of work experience in multinational companies in the field of Marketing, industrial machinery, real estate and recently CRM in a leading global telecommunications organization, Katerina decided to train and be accredited as a professional Coach.

She is currently a Personal and Executive Coach, with a “Diploma in Positivity Coaching” (ICF-ACSTH Accredited) and has received ACC (Associate Certified Coach) accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She specializes in Communication & Relationship Coaching and Customer Experience (CRM / CEM) and Customer Relationship Management. She is also Coach certified in the DiSC model, a communication evaluation tool.

In addition, she has been trained in Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Family at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is a member of Positivity Global Coaching, where she offers Professional Coaching to students. She has created Live Your Life through which he offers Coaching Mentoring & Consulting services (

She is an ACC Credentialed Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF global) and the ICF Greek Chapter.

Ζωή Ντελέκου Μέντορες

Zoe Ntelekou

Chemical Engineer
Senior Marketing executive, Brussels
Mentor @manatee-mentor
Coach to aspiring corporate females

Zoe Delekou is a NTUA Chemical Engineer with additional studies in marketing, strategy and digital transformation. For 20 years she has held leading positions in multinational companies in Greece and abroad and for the last 2 years she has been professionally active in the field of career coaching and mentoring.

She is a member of the European group of mentors manatee mentor ( where she voluntarily and with great joy and dedication helps young people to enter the world of multinational companies and find the role that suits them and is capable to make them feel complete and free!

Her studies in engineering together with her significant experience in strategy and marketing contribute to a practical approach to things whether it is career or business.

She has gladly undertaken start-up companies as a mentor in order to bring this practical and realistic dimension to the implementation of the innovation advocated by the latter. With the same dedication she has undertaken to inspire students of the polytechnic to seek and pursue their dream, regardless of their studies.

You can meet her through the facebook group  corporate females feeling great  and here at women do business who has gladly taken on the role of mentor.

Her basic approach is the initial idea to be translated into a practical implementation plan with the main concern being the impact on society.

She speaks English and Spanish, has 2 sons and a great love for the sea!

You will often hear her ask the question “What is the problem you are solving with this idea?” Or with this tactic? ”

Ask her about anything related to strategy, marketing, business, communication, leadership, work life balance, career, digital transformation, start up, math analysis, coaching, plan.

Σοφία Αβραμίδου Μέντορες

Sofia Avramidou

Career Transformation Coach, Member of HCCMA (Counseling Association, Coaching and Mentoring Greece), founding member of Mentoria, Rapporteur LAEK-OAED.

Sofia Avramidou is a Career Transformation Coach and supports people who wish to make their Work Transformation into reality and make a Change to their Career. With a background of 15 years as a Teacher in tutoring and as a freelancer, she has trained hundreds of students, undergraduates and executive companies in Greece and abroad at Business English,Literary, Greek for foreigners.

Recognizing herself the challenges of Lifelong Learning she decided to upgrade her career and get certified as an Adult Trainer N.O.Q.Q.P.O. in  A.U.T. in 2018. She started her journey of Self-knowledge and Professional development in order to put into practice her business ideas without supports and breaking social stereotypes.

Now, as a Certified Coach, she has organized in the last year over 45 Seminars of Personal and Professional Growth and runs the only  και τρέχει το
μοναδικό Group Subscription program in Greece, that has a goal to Acquisition of Skills necessary at Work such as Confidence-Assertiveness, Stress Management, Time Management, Financial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship entitled “Learning for myself- I am upgrading my career “.

As a Teacher Mentor she created the “Greek Tutor Academy” the first Business Coaching program especially for Teachers in the free profession and has trained over 50 teachers in Their Professional Empowerment, in Personal Branding, in Economics Intelligence / Independence and their evolution into Online Professionals. At the same time as a Certified Vocational Guidance Consultant provides students, students, employees and employers worldwide Reputable ARISTON Vocational Guidance Test and supports her individual sessions on this psychometric tool.

She has studied History-Archeology at A.U.T., Piano-Harmony at M.C.T., Certificate in Coaching (from Association for Coaching) and Life Coaching, Brand-Marketing, Neuroscience and Education at N.K.U.A. and in international studies Coaching with Forbes Coaches Ajit Nawalkha, Neeta Bhushan. She is a full member of HCCMA (Counseling Association, Coaching and Mentoring Greece), founding member of Mentoria, and a Rapporteur LAEK-OAED.


Kostas Rovithakis

CEO and co-founder of FuckUp

Since 2018 I am Ceo and co-founder of a software development company in Heraklion, Crete, without having any personal idea of ​​software, even today when you read this bio. I specialize in marketing and sales and as a person I like to help in the form of consulting, other entrepreneurs or people who want to do business.
Iraklis Karantonis

Iraklis Karantonis

Technology Transfer Consultant at PRAXI Network of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)

Mr. Iraklis Karantonis is a Technology Transfer Consultant at PRAXI Network of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) since 2013. He is also business advisor for Enterprise Europe Network assisting small and medium-sized enterprises innovate and grow on an international scale.

In 2018 onwards, he is head of the “Network for supporting innovation in action”, which is a partnership collaboration between PRAXI Network / FORTH with Pancreta Bank SA. Its mission is to provide high added-value business advisory support to local SMEs in order to enhance their competitiveness based on knowledge and innovation.

His educational background includes a BSc. from the Department of Economics of the University of Crete, and postgraduate studies (MSc.) with distinction in the field of business economics at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania. Among its activities is included also the mentoring and coaching to aspiring and innovative start-ups to transform their business ideas into successful business opportunities.

Fields of expertise/experience:

  • Technology transfer, technological and investment pre-evaluation, technology marketing and techno-intermediation (interconnection with producers of new knowledge) of the exploitationof research results
  • Awareness-raising for the protection, exploitation and management of intellectual capital, know-how and innovation diagnosis (innovation and technology audit)
  • Advisory information and business support on financial instruments (European, national,regional, debt financing, VCs)
  • Technological / business / research matchmaking and networking opportunities
  • Internationalization of SMES
  • Innovation management assessment and digital transformation assessment of SMEs
  • Commercial exploitation of research results
  • Business model canvas and business plan development
  • Business architecture
  • Mentoring/coaching support to innovative start-ups
Dr. Joanna Charlton

PhD Joanna Charlton

Stress and Emotional Management in Βusiness and Life how EXCITING

Dr. Joanna is a Holistic Life Coach who helps women embrace their ‘whole self’ and fall back in love with themselves and Life so as to STOP striving and start Thriving.

She understands well the workings of the mind and body and knows that most of our behavior and thoughts are unconscious habitual ‘programs’ learnt from childhood.  

She has developed a simple system to easily Break bad habits and patterns and replace them with mini-power habits- Ultimately the key to success and happiness.

Joanna holds a BSc (Hons) in Immunology from The University of Edinburgh, MSc Neural Immunology and PhD in Biomedical Research in Human Diseases from The University of Crete. She gained her certifications in coaching through David Keys NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching AND The Virtual Coach Program from the US. She recently graduated from The Virtual Coach Accelerator Entrepreneur 1 year Program and is an ongoing participant in several mastermind groups.

Joanna has worked as a Massage Therapist, a Biomedical Researcher, as an Entrepreneur with natural farming products and as a private English tutor. Over the past years, she has gained more than 100 hrs of 1 to 1 and group coaching experience and helped many women gain balance and clarity in the next steps to their Dream Life.

Joanna loves the simple pleasures like cooking and sharing good healthy food with family and friends, long weekends camping and swimming. Her greatest passion is traveling the world and connecting to people from all walks of life.

Γιάννης Παπαδημητρίου Μέντορες

Giannis Papadimitriou

People & Business Development Facilitator

Ioannis Papadimitriou was born in 1973 in Athens. He is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens with postgraduate studies in subjects related to Business Administration, Consulting and Guidance and other technical subjects. During his long professional career, he has been a Manager of large companies. Today he works for a large multinational company and is strongly active in People and Business Development. Also, he is still for 15 consecutive years an evaluator of the National Accreditation System, a body of the Ministry of Development. Finally, he has many years of experience as an adult trainer implementing a large number of educational programs and training thousands of professionals in matters related to business organization and development, strategic planning, quality management, food safety and many others. Mentoring is a love and a challenge for him.



Dimitris Flamouris

Positive Psychology Coach



Dimitris Flamouris PhD studied mathematics and went on to pursue a master’s and doctorate in financial mathematics in London. He worked for ten years in the investment banks of the City and participated in international conferences. 

Returning to Greece, he worked in a domestic stock exchange and taught for a number of years at the Athens University of Economics and Business. In a decisive career turn, he re-studied psychology at the University of East London, specializing in Positive Psychology and obtained the Certificate in Coaching from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

He has written the Best Sellers books “Psycho-Logical Relationships” and “Psycho-Logic Secrets (which I wish I had known earlier)”. His second book was voted among the 3 best self-improvement books for 2020 in the Public audience competition.

He is a trained Mental Health Counselor, gives speeches as a guest of public and private bodies, organizes self-improvement seminars and maintains his own Coaching practice. He also deals with wine and has traveled to more than 70 countries around the world.

Χριστίνα Τριποδιανάκη Women Do Business

Christina Tripodianaki

Digital Marketing Consultant, Public Relations Specialist, Speaker




Christina Tripodianaki through her personal business, offers digital marketing, public relations & communication, branding, imagemaking, e-consultation & workshops services to individuals with or without a corporate identity, groups, companies or organizations, to build a perfect business and digital image.

She graduated from the Department of Political Science of the University of Crete, holds a master’s degree in DigitalMarketing from the International University of Greece and diplomas in Communication Crisis Management, Human Resources Development & TourismManagement & Marketing from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. However, she makes sure that she is constantly educated and always up-to-date with what is happening in the digital world and in the market NOW.

Μαρία Φραγκάκη

Maria Fragkaki

Founder @Lemonpie, Digital Marketing Instructor



Maria Fragkaki is the founder of Lemonpie, a Social Media Branding Agency, which collaborates with over 15 freelance professionals from around the world. The companies she works with are based in London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Brussels and Greece. At the same time she teaches Digital Marketing to companies, organizations, but also those who are interested in the subject, while she also participated as a trainer in the partnership of OAED with Google for Digital Marketing training of 4,000 unemployed.

With over 6 years of professional experience, 40+ happy companies, 6+ successful projects, 120+ teaching hours, 380+ students and 23+ mentees, Maria wants to highlight the importance of Social Media, as a means for professional, but also personal, intellectual, social development, while proposing a new business model free from employer relations.

Μαρία Γιαμπουλάκη

Maria Giamboulaki

Training & Business Development Director @European Progress




Maria Giamboulaki has a degree in Business Administration from the TEI of Larissa, a Master’s Degree in Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning from the Open University of Cyprus and a Diploma in Vocational Counseling.

Today she is a director at European Progress while also working as an adult educator in HR, Communication and Management, while she specializes in preparing and empowering individuals for the job market and consulting organizations.

The Team Accounting

The Team Accounting

Logistics office

The Accounting Office “The Team Accounting” is an experienced and dynamic office providing accounting-financial and consulting services that has been active for over 30 years in the market of Heraklion.

It was founded by Konsolaki Kalliopi in 1987. Konsolaki Kalliopi, in addition to economics, has also studied systemic psychology, which allows her to be extremely effective in business consulting, approaching each case not only on the basis of financial factors but also on business relationships, partnerships and history.

Key executives of the company in recent years are Kasapakis George, a fairly experienced professional in the field with additional studies in computer science, as well as Kasapakis Angelos with studies and significant experience in England.

The office has managed to gain a trustworthy name by collaborating with reputable companies large and small and consistently handling both professional and private affairs.

Eυαγγελία Φαρμάκη

Evaggelia Farmaki

Lawyer at the Supreme Court

Evangelia Farmaki was born and raised in Thessaloniki. She graduated from the Law School of Thessaloniki in March 1999 and from June 2001 until today she practices law while maintaining her law office in Thessaloniki, while she is an active member of the law firm ENA LAW FIRM. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and Communication and state certification from the University of Macedonia in Public Relations and the National Kapodistrian School in Environmental and Sports Law. Provides Legal Coaching and Launch Strateging to companies and specializes in drafting contracts according to trading rules.

She was recently certified Rapporteur on Consumer Law in the Consumer Law Ready special program, funded by the European Parliament and the European Commission, and co-chaired by the European Commission. This training program is implemented by the European Consumers’ Organization (BEUC), in partnership with Eurochambres (Brussels Chamber of Commerce, Belgium) and the European Union of Crafts and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME). Suggestions are addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises within the EU.

She is a member of the Greek Women Entrepreneurs Association. She is fluent in English and sign language and fully understands body language in all its forms of “client” relationship, knowledge which she acquired through a number of experiential seminars. She belongs to the advisory and mentoring team of the Women on Top Organization, which is based in Athens for the professional empowerment of employed and unemployed women and equality in the labor market. She provides support with monthly meetings and seminars at the Rise Club, based in Athens, which focuses on the holistic program of returning women to work.


Zinovia Tsantrizou

Co-Founder & CEO SUPER CRETA GAS – KOYMOYLAS AE / Energy & Fuel SUPER CRETA GROUP of Companies / SUPER CRETA SUITES Hotels & Investments

She co-manages the group of companies in the field of liquid fuels and lubricants, based in Heraklion, Crete since 2015, while from 2019 she deals exclusively with it. The company is gradually developing in the hospitality / hotel sector. She studied Management Science in the United Kingdom, holds a Bachelor of Honors from the University of Kent and a Master of Science in Postgraduate Economics, MA International Economics, Banking and Finance from Cardiff University.

She has been an economist and financial analyst for 19 consecutive years in the banking industry. She started her professional career in 2001, in her hometown, in Heraklion, Crete, at Laiki Bank (Piraeus Group today) in the analysis of corporate financial data and credit risk assessment, in the development of clientele and sale of financial products within the credit policy of the Group.

In 2008 she continued at ALPHA BANK as an Officer at ALPHA BANK in the Directorate of Tourism and Island Business Financing, responsible for the analysis and evaluation of Tourism Businesses specializing in hotel units and European Island Business Programs until her departure in December 2019.

She has strong communication and negotiation skills, is team and methodical with a strict approach to project delivery while she has excellent interpersonal skills and dedication. She is an extroverted character with a modern mind and a good sense of humor.

She is a candidate for the “Awards for Women Entrepreneurship”, after ICAP evaluation for the 500 most female personalities, out of the 8,500 women who hold high positions in the field of business, within the 6th “TWO FORUM”, an institution that aims to reputable information for the public and professionals on prevention, quality of life and environmental awareness.

She participates in conferences and seminars Business & Self-Development. She is a member of the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry – EVEI and the Heraklion Industrial Area Business Association – SEVPI. Member of the Greek Women Entrepreneurs Association (SEGE) and recent member of the International Chamber of Commerce -ICC Hellas. Member of the Panhellenic Women’s Athletic Association – PASG “KALLIPATEIRA”, an active citizen who manages with social responsibility and firmly next to the work of the SOS Children’s Villages of the Child and Family Support Center of Heraklion.

She is married to businessman Stavros Koumoulas and they have two daughters.


Χριστίνα Δουκουζγιάννη Women Do Business

Christina Doukouzgianni

YouTube Expert & Founder of Make Video Greece



Christina Doukouzgianni is the creator of Make Video Greece, certified by YouTube in content creation strategy. She studied Economics at the University of Macedonia and holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Bath, England. Her goal is to help freelancers and personal brands to grow their business by making their own YouTube channel.

Her channel has over 40,000 subscribers and through her training seminars she has taught hundreds of experts (such as doctors, consultants, coaches, social media experts, trainers) how to speak comfortably on camera and how to strategically create their content for YouTube in order to promote their services.


Penny Milia

Mental Health Counselor - Psychotherapist





Penny Milia is a mental health counselor, psychotherapist and member of the Hellenic Society of Analytical Group and Family Psychotherapy. She maintains a private office in Athens, but also works online, with individuals, groups, couples and families and coordinates parent groups in schools, kindergartens, educational organizations and treatment centers. The transformation of pain into strength and human joy is the strongest motivation, the greatest professional challenge and its strong point.

Πάνος Αντωνόπουλος

Panos Antonopoulos

Co-Founder of Intermediakt & ICT Consultant





Panagiotis Antonopoulos is Co-Founder of InterMediaKT and IT and Communication Technologies Consultant. He is responsible for the development of online educational tools, as well as the development of digital skills training programs. At the same time, it supports organizations seeking digital empowerment. He is an ardent supporter of open source software and is particularly concerned with internet freedom and privacy issues.

He is the coordinator of the annual Patras Codecamp action and has worked in dozens of national and European programs. Enjoys collaborating with young people, exchanging ideas and cultural elements. His favorite hobbies are travel, photography, astronomy, archeology and science fiction!

Διονύσης Μπουγάς

Dionysis Bougas

Psychologist-Instructor, Founder of "Metamorphosis"

Dionysis Bougas has studied Psychology, has specialized in Gestalt Psychotherapy and in New York specialized in the dynamics of psychoanalytic groups, where he discovered successful practices in Life & Business Coaching, which he brought to Greece and has been applying for the last 10 years through group training. During his professional career he has worked as a psychotherapist in a detoxification unit, in the homeless support organization “Klimaka”, in the department of cancer patients in Children and as a school psychologist in high school.

His main occupation is “Metamorphosis”, where he creates innovative educational programs through transformational learning with the aim of creating a family and professional environment that each person wants to move. Since 2008, it has trained more than 3,000 people through the programs it has created, which have resulted in more than 100 social contribution actions to vulnerable social groups.

At the same time, he trains business executives to develop and apply communication and leadership skills, making their workplace a cradle of development and high performance, individuals seeking to develop interpersonal relationships, parents and educators seeking effective ways to manage their behavior and their children.

Being himself a father, he loves to train children and teenagers and through a series of experiential workshops that utilize transformational learning, he highlights forces such as team spirit, freedom of choice, endurance in difficult conditions, awareness, empathy and creating conditions. that make the child live with satisfaction, inspiration and confidence, making him in the future an independent and happy adult.

Valentina Kordi

Mindset & High-Performance Coach of Executives, Teams and Entrepreneurs



Valentina Kordi is a certified Mindset & High-Performance Coach of Executives, Teams and Entrepreneurs, International Motivation Speaker, TEDx speaker and Author. For 10 years she has founded her own company, as Executive & Business Coach, having trained over the years, entrepreneurs and senior executives of companies such as Microsoft, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Coca-Cola, Biomarin Pharmaceutics, Nissan, AstraZeneca, Unilever, etc. worldwide to achieve their professional and corporate goals, to develop leadership skills and to effectively manage change by developing the appropriate culture, mentality and attitudes, after 15 years of experience as an executive herself in multinational companies. Her book “Success is a Game of Mind” has become a bestseller and has also been translated into English.

She studied Business Administration at Newport University in California, holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from City Unity College and is a PhD Candidate in Conscious Business Ethics at the University of Sedona. In addition, she studied Success Conversion Coaching at the Express Coaching School of Canada and Strategic Intervention Coaching at the Robbins-Madanes School of Tony Robbins, USA. She is a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, the ICF and the McLean Institute of Coaching / Harvard Medical School. In 2020, ICAP Group included her in the list of Leading Women in Business in Greece.

Μαρία Παπαμιχαήλ

Maria Papamichael

Responsible for Communication and Strategic Planning





Maria Papamichael has studied Classical Philology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Athens and has done a postgraduate course in International Relations and Diplomacy. She has attended seminars on cognitive psychology and persuasion and negotiation techniques. From 2002 until today she has worked as a Research Fellow at the OSCE, in the Directorate of International Agreements at the Ministry of Defense, at the Hellenic Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and at the Observatory for Euro-Mediterranean Security and Cooperation. She also worked as an Associate of the Athens College but also as an organizer of seminars, conferences and events.

Ανδρέας Στεφανίδης

Andreas Stefanidis

Founder of the "Hellenic Center for Administrative Accounting", President of the "Academy of Entrepreneurship" and Business Director of




President of the historic Educational Association of Athens “O IFESTOS”, President of the non-profit civil company called “Academy of Entrepreneurship” and Accelerator Director of the incubator He studied Management Accounting & International Economics at the State University of New York at New Paltz in the United States of America. He is a founding member and President of the Federation of Greek Young Entrepreneurs Associations (OESYNE), a certified adult educator of non-formal education and a certified mentor of innovative businesses in the blue economy (BlueInvest platform).

His vision is to support technical and vocational training through the revival of the historic Athens Educational Association HEPHESTUS and the cultivation of sustainable, innovative and social business ideas through the model incubator, the first hatchery & networking organization in Europe.

Παντελής Παπαναστασίου

Pantelis Papanastasiou

PhD Candidate & Business Consultant

Pantelis Papanastasiou is a PhD candidate at the University of the Aegean in the field of Corporate Governance and owner of a consulting company with extensive experience in implementing and evaluating internal control systems, business risks, business process redesign and strategic planning for companies and organizations. He has been actively involved with family businesses lately, both academically and professionally, looking for ways, best practices and utilizing tools and methodologies so that he can help them effectively by solving their problems.

He is a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO Executive) and System Inspector ISO 9001 by TÜV Austria as well as a holder of the COSO Internal Control Certificate. His research interests include the objects of business – digital transformation of companies and organizations, innovation, financial analysis and risk management as well as diversity regarding the characteristics of boards.


Lillian Chiavou

Theorist of the Psychoanalytic Approach to Literature & Cinema & Cinema Coach




Dr. Lillian Chiavou, has been trained in Personal & Executive Coaching and at programs certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has been accredited as a Coach at ACC level by the ICF and has since collaborated with research institutes, commercial companies, cultural institutions, art organizations and individuals. In addition, she has founded CineQuium, a scientific self-knowledge program. In this context she invented the innovative tool of Cinema-Coaching, which follows in her footsteps Cinematherapy, harnessing the effect of cinema on in professional and personal development.

Αργυρώ Καθέρη

Argyro Katheri

HR & Marketing



My name is Katheri Argyro. I completed my studies in Business Management at UEL with postgraduate studies (MSC) in 2017 in occupational psychology. I continue my training in entrepreneurship through Oxford Brookes University with a second postgraduate degree (MSC) in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Through seminars I deal with my development in the field of HR (as an example I mention a few seminars: Staff evaluation, Motivation & empowerment of employees, Internal control, Psychology of work delinquency, Team management, Crisis management, Family businesses).

I have been involved in our family business since 2018, with the HR sector and the creation of a department from the beginning because it did not exist and its need was not understood. It is something I love very much because through it I become better and I learn to cooperate, to manage, to improve and to improve.

Ο Δημήτρης Μπουραντάς

Dimitris Bourandas

Teacher Management & Human Resources

Dimitris Bourandas is a Professor of Management, Director of the Postgraduate Program in Business Administration for Executives (Executive MBA) and the Postgraduate Program (MSc) in Human Resources Management at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has published a large number of articles in the most prestigious international scientific journals. He has authored 10 books, of which the following have become best sellers: “Management” (BENOS), “Human Resources Management” (BENOS), “Leadership: The Road to Continuous Success” (REVIEW). The novel “I learned everything from you but I forgot a word”, (PATAKIS) won the Readers’ Award (EKEVI 2008) and was on the bestseller lists for four years. In addition, his books “On stage without rehearsal” (PATAKIS), “The Letter of Hope” (LIBANIA), “Talking to my children about a truly successful professional and personal life”, “The great philosophers and personal management” ( PATAKIS), “Cry of Silence”, (poetry collection, Patakis publications), were on the lists of Best Sellers for several months. Additionally, the book “Leadership meta-competencies”, Ashgate-Gower Publications, has been published and is on Amazon’s bestseller lists. Recently, the novel “If you let me know the word” (PATAKIS) was published, which is a continuation of “I learned everything from you but I forgot a word”.

He has also supervised doctoral dissertations in which the first and second European prizes have been awarded. He has many years of professional experience having worked as an executive, consultant and trainer for Greek and international organizations and for a large number of Greek and multinational companies. Every year he gives more than 60 free lectures to non-profit organizations. Dimitris Bourandas specializes in the development of leaders and teams, in the management of change, in the management of corporate culture and in the strategic alignment of companies and organizations.

He has been repeatedly awarded the “Title of High Teaching Performance” by the Department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business. A large number of his interviews have been hosted in the daily and periodical press, as well as on radio and television in Greece and abroad (New York Times, Diezeit, German Radio, Finnish Television, etc.)

Άρθουρ Αντωνόπουλος

Athrur Antonopoulos




Arthur Antonopoulos was born in Melbourne, where he grew up. He studied political science and literature at Monash University. His master’s degree in Greek-Turkish relations was the occasion for him to visit Athens several times, a fact that brought him in contact with his roots and his deep love for Greece. Since then he has worked as a teacher of English for adults, while his inclination for communication (he is NLP Practitioner & Scrum Master) was what led him to the path of writing his first novel entitled Dark Athens.

Today he lives in Athens, does postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology at the Hellenic American University and continues his writing work, in parallel with the training seminars for business staff in Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication. He loves traveling and believes that every day is an opportunity to live a full life.

Legal & Accounting Consultants

Δημήτρης Θεοδοσούλης

Dimitris Theodosoulis

Accountant - Tax technician





Dimitris Theodosoulis is an accountant – tax expert. Since 1998, he and his associates provide comprehensive services in an accounting office in the center of Heraklion.

Νικόλας Φαρσάρης

Nikolas Farsaris

Lawyer at the Court of First Instance of Heraklion




Nikolas Farsaris graduated in 1994 from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) with a grade of “very good”.

Since December 1996, he has been working as a lawyer in the Court of First Instance of Heraklion, dealing extensively with civil (debt, property, family, inheritance, financial, etc.), criminal, automobile and commercial cases.

He has been a lawyer since 2001.

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