Personal Message from the Founders

Eri Pavlaki

Love to create!

I like to have and bring my idea into life, while it has a positive social impact to me but also to others! I wasn’t born this way, but was trained. After coming to dead ends over and over again, I worked hard with myself, and started to involve with Personal Growth by attending various seminars ( and little by little I matured emotionally but also recognised my personal responsibility and everyone else’s, simultaneously with our power to change the world.

I believe an idea is just and idea without the teamwork, and for that I am grateful for my teammate Natasa Grigoraki who fills me with faith and understanding, also with the amazing team of volunteers and teammates who form Women Do business. I consider my 2 biggest accomplishments of my life to be this organization and also the voluntary association “I Am Still a Child” which helps abused and in need children who live in institutions ( Just because I want to put in another stone on my path.

For me, Women Do Business is the strength I was missing to prove I can, I deserve, and I am capable of. Through every story i hear from every business person I meet, but also from every woman who wants to get in this world and is inspired by our action I feel alive, happy, and complete!
I don’t want to get into my degrees since they don’t determine the person who owns them, but I will talk about the kick boxing championship I’ve attended, as the love i have for nature, mountains and activities, like rock climping, hiking and canyoning. 
I’d love to meet you in person! I believe there’s a reason for the acquaintance of two people and that we can learn from each other.
With love and inspiration,
Eri Pavlaki

Natasa Grigoraki

From a young age everyone considered me a romantic concerning the idea of changing the world. I always used to hear: “A person isn’t enough to bring change into this society”. But I have a different opinion!

Starting from ourselves, little by little we can change the whole world. Dare to say concidering the conciquences I might face. I don’t want to get comfortable and not confront my fears.  Δεν θέλω να βολεύομαι για να μην έρθω αντιμέτωπη με τους φόβους μου. I vindicate and defend my rights and also everyone else’s.

For me, Women Do Business is the proof of women’s faith and will, against any restrictive belief for a woman, that can make her happy in every aspect of her life without compromises and concessions. Barren of being comfortable in her working environment, neglecting her other responsibilities. It’s the decision for every risk that makes me skirt, toil and pass on everything I’ve learnt! Because someone always makes a start! From the very start, some people make the first step and everything else come into place!

I love the human being for having emotion and critical thought.  I was for years an employee in a private sector (gymnast), in these years I gave birth to my first 2 children. After I became manager and in all of my working range, I came across the lack of support for a working mother. Same when I opened the franchise mobile phone shop «GERMANOS» in Heraklion with my husband, and after we had our 3rd son.

I love the summer, the sea, the sun because their all sources of life. I like the expression through dance and music because I relax and decongest. I want to inspire and be inspired, to motivate and be motivated, to support each other and see many more women evolve. Having 3 children, not everything is easy, but success for me is to manage every aspect in my life in the best way possible.

With different lives between me and my teammate Eri Pavlaki -who I thank for joining my life and excited me-, we want to get to know you and exchange ideas, beliefs and experiences!

Thank you for your time!

Natasa Grigoraki

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