Women Do Business

Every woman who wants to, can and deserves to have her own business

Women Do Business answers to the problem of business inequality and stereotypes about women and business.

Women Do Business is a Greek NPO (Non Profit Organisation) which promotes female entrepreneurship and is against stereotypes. Its goal is to inspire, but also to empower women in the field of business.

We started on May 2019, in Heraklion of Crete, by organizing a forum about the promotion of female entrepreneurship and evolved to our 1st business incubator in Crete.

Our Cause

We deeply believe in the spark inside our minds that can give hope, in the power that can hide in an idea or in a dream, in determination and personal responsibility, in the impact brought by everyone’s personal story. This are the reasons why we want to spread stories which represent these ideas and to apply them in our lives, to be heard and give power and motivation to those who have the same values. Let’s come closer, because in that way we feel we won’t be alone. Creating bonds is the only way to become more powerful.


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Women Elevation

Women Elevation is a Program to create a women's entrepreneurship academy with a special focus on green innovation. It is implemented by Women Do Business in collaboration with WIN from Norway.

FEM-ABLE: Promoting women's participation in the political domain

FEM - ABLE is funded by the CERV programme of the European Union and implemented by Women Do Business in collaboration with universities and institutions from Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Cyprus and Spain.

Life's Cards

LIFE'S CARDS is a programme that will be jointly developed until mid-2024 by 3 organisations: the Youth Support Association "SAVA KABATA" (Latvia), the NGO "Association of Educational Games and Methods" (Latvia) and the NGO "Women Do Business" (Greece).

Our News

Η Γιορτή της Μητέρας The Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

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sexual assault

Sexual Harassment

April: Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. April 2024 marks the official 23rd anniversary of Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. Since the 1940s and 1950s, advocates for social

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WOW Festival

WOW Festival

What is the WOW Festival? WOW Festival is the world’s largest event for women, feminine and non-binary people. It was first organized in London in

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